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Advanced Multilayer PCB & Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer in China

We have more than 20 years of experience in the circuit board field

Rigid Flex PCB/

Rigid Flex PCB – Multilayer RFPCB applied to industrial control

Layers:   10L

Type: Rigid-Flex PCB


Thickness: 1.0mm

Out Layer Copper Thickness: 1 OZ

Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 1 OZ

Min hole size: 0.3mm

Min Line Width/Space: 3mil

Surface finish: ENIG

Application: Industrial Control

Manufacturing difficulties: High TG lamination

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1. Stack-up

(Multilayer Rigid Flex PCB with High TG lamination)

2. Production process

Rigid board production: rigid board cutting → drilling positioning holes → rigid board inner layer etching → AOI scanning

FPC production: FPC cutting → drilling positioning holes → FPC circuit etching → AOI scanning

Cover film: cover film cutting → drill positioning holes → cover pre-processing → apply cover film

Flexible board cutting → auxiliary material cutting → rigid board cutting → laser cutting → one-time drilling → black hole → flexible board circuit → flexible board etching → flexible board electroplating → flexible board AOI test → laser cutting → rigid board inner layer etching → rigid board AOI test → total

3. Manufacturing difficulties

High TG multilayer lamination, resin plug hole, laser anti-control, mechanical control deep opening, multilayer impedance, high-frequency and high-speed material application of flexible board.

4. Application areas:

This multilayer rigid flex PCB is applied to industrial control.

RCY PCB is a professional PCB manufacturer with more than 20 years of professional experience leading process capability in the field of Rigid PCBFlex PCBRigid-flex PCB, etc. If you have any PCB/PCBA demands, feel free to contact us. Email: Sales@szrcypcb.com

Rich industry experience

We started to introduce rigid-flex board production in 2015 and have 6 years of production experience so far. We are the earliest manufacturer in China that entered the field of rigid-flex board. Our hardware and software combination boards are widely used in: drones, Bluetooth headsets, medical equipment, smart phones, cameras, LED screens, digital cameras, tablets, wearable devices, VR, battery protection boards and other scenarios.

Professional team

The production process of rigid-flex board is long, and many processes cannot be automated. The skill of personnel has become the decisive factor in the production process of rigid-flex board. In view of this, we have set up a professional soft and hard board business department, we have the most effective technical team in the industry, and many senior engineers have more than 20 years of experience in the circuit board industry.

Leading process capability

Reliable quality

The project strictly implements ISO9001, IATF16949, UL and other internationally certified management standards, builds and perfects a quality monitoring and prevention system to ensure the stability of product quality.

Flexible delivery capabilities

We have a flexible delivery time, in order to help our customers to deliver quickly and win market opportunities.

The lead time for rigid-flex PCB samples is 16 to 20 days, while the lead time for mass production is 22 to 28 days. For special rigid-flex PCBs, we will provide the corresponding delivery date according to the difficulty.

Of course, the specific delivery date depends on the specific product.

Q: Who is RCY?
A:RCY (RenChuangYi) is a professional circuit board factory established in 2000. Currently, there are more than 400 employees, and the circuit board production capacity is 35,000 square meters per month. We have honored a high-tech enterprise in China, and one of the top 100 circuit board manufacturers in China.

Q:What circuit board is your advantage?
A: RCY spares no efforts to provide customers with high-quality, high-precision circuit boards. We can undertake orders from samples, small batches, medium batches to large batches. We can fabricate 2 to 36 layers of PCB, HDI boards, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, high-frequencyand high-speed boards, etc.

Q:Is your circuit board quality reliable?
A: RCY has passed ISO9001, IS014001, IATF16949, UL, CUL, and CQC certifications. We have a complete quality control system. All products shipped are in line with IPC-2 and above standards. Our product quality is stable and trustworthy.

Q: Do your products meet the environmental protection requirements of ROSH and REACH?
A:Yes, all the products we produce are in line with ROSH2.0 and REACH2.0 standards. At the same time, we can also provide halogen-free circuit boards to meet customers’ requirements.

Q: How can I ask for a quotation?
A:Please provide your Gerber files and board-making requirements, and send them to our official Email address: sales@szrcypcb.com. For regular PCBs, we will reply within 8 hours. The quotation time for special PCBs may be extended.

Q: If the business conditions are confirmed to be no problem, how can I place an order for you?
A: Firstly, you need to provide the business license of your company, the delivery address and the billing address (we will also send our information back for your record).
Secondly, youneed to place the order and send it to our sales Email, which will be sealed by both parties.After the order is confirmed, we will provide EQ to you and ask for confirmation.
In the next step, we will place the order in our system, and the production will be arranged.
Lastly, the production is finished, after which the information needs to be verified and the circuit boards will be shipped to your delivery address.

Q: How long is your delivery time in general?
A: Sample delivery time: 7-10 days for hard boards; 10-12 days for soft boards; 16-20 days for flexible and hard boards; special circuit boards, according to the difficulty of individual response to the delivery date.
Batch delivery time: 12-20 days for hard boards; 15-20 days for soft boards; 20-30 days for flexible and hard boards; special circuit boards, according to the difficulty of the delivery.

Q: What are your shipping methods?
A: a. Express delivery: the companies we work with are UPS, FedEx, DHL, and SF.
b. Shipping method: FCA HK and FOB HK

Q: If there is a quality problem, how to solve it?
A: Please contact us timely if there is a quality problem. We will have dedicated specialists to analyze the problems that arise. If it is true that the problem is caused by the abnormal quality of the circuit board, we will assist the customer to deal with it and bear the corresponding loss.

Q: Regarding product privacy issues?
A: We respect the privacy of all customers. We promise that we will never share customers’ personal or product information with any third party without the customer’s permission.

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