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High multilayer boards with 18 layers or above may become the main demand of the market

China’s circuit board market has been greatly affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 and US trade frictions, but the outbreak of its online applications has helped the PCB market to grow against the trend, which reflects that China’s PCB industry is entering a rapid iteration upgrade mode, which is more obvious in high value-added products with a wide range of applications.

Like PCB, which is in the basic electronic information industry, it is still relatively affected by the cyclical fluctuations of the macro economy. At present, the global PCB companies are mainly distributed in China, Japan, South Korea, etc.

The downstream application fields of the PCB industry are also very extensive, and it is relatively less affected by a single industry, so it is relatively scattered, with a large number of manufacturers, low market concentration, and high competition. In recent years, China has become the world’s largest PCB production area, and there is a significant trend of iterative upgrading from the low-end to the high-end direction.

With the steady construction of 5G commercial networks, the general trend of 5G communication construction will not change in the medium and long term. When deploying key tasks in 2021, the Chinese government also proposed “increase the construction of 5G networks and gigabit optical networks, and enrich applications. Scenes”.

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, vehicle manufacturers have shut down their factories and production lines due to unstable supply chains and sluggish market demand. The demand for automotive sheets in the market has dropped significantly compared to the same period. However, as the production of auto companies returned to normal, auto electronics bottomed out, and auto sales rebounded from the bottom. In addition, the general trend of auto electrification, intelligence and connectivity are significant. The demand for high-end PCBs in automobiles and other fields is strong, and the automotive board market has shown a V-shaped reversal trend and quickly recovered.

In order to actively respond to market demand, the performance, technical process and product structure of China’s PCB products have been greatly optimized.

From the perspective of product performance, China’s PCB is developing in the direction of high precision, high density and high reliability, with continuous improvement in performance, and the gradual popularization of specialized, large-scale and green production methods. Chinese PCB giants such as Dongshan Precision and Shennan Circuit continue to optimize The product structure is adapted to the needs of applications such as communications, servers, storage, automotive electronics, and consumer electronics.

From a technical perspective, Chinese PCB companies have further increased their investment in technology research and development, focusing on high-density interconnect boards (HDI) and high-speed high-frequency multilayer boards.

From the perspective of product structure, in the Chinese PCB market, 8 to 16 layers of multilayer boards and 18-layer super high multilayer boards gradually replace low-end products and become the mainstream of the market.


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