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Advanced Multilayer PCB & Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer in China

We have more than 20 years of experience in the circuit board field

Why choose us?

Why choose RCY?

1.Excellent Quality

Since founded in 2000, RenChuangYi (RCY) has always adhered to the principle of “Quality First”. How to ensure consistent good quality? We start from thesekey points:

A.Raw material control:We only use domestic and foreign first-class brand raw materials. For example, KB A class materialis used for double-sided board, and SYE, IT, ISOLA and other well-known materials are used for multi-layer board. For rigid-flex PCB, we use TAIFLEX, DuPont flexboard material. RCY refuses to use B class, C class materials, or other second-hand raw materials.

B.Monitoring process:We have

 established a complete quality management system. There is a corresponding inspection process each time a key process is completed.To discover problems in the process, and eliminate them in the process.

C.Strictly control shipments:We strictly abide by the ISO9001, ISO14000, TS16949, UL systems, and implement IPC2 international standards to ensure that every batch of circuit board shipped to customers has no functional problems. This is RCY’s dedication to quality!

D. Perfect after-sales service:We have a professional after-sales team. If there is any after-sales
 problem, we will respond in a timely manner to assist customers in solving the problem, so as to avoid the customer’s worries.

2.Leading process capability

Renchuangyi is a comprehensive PCB manufacturer that attaches great importance to technological development and innovation, and has successively won the title of “High-tech Enterprise” awarded by Shenzhen and China. With a strong and professional process capability, we can provide customers with one-stop circuit board processing services, eliminating the trouble for customers to find different suppliers for different types of circuit boards. 

3.Flexible delivery capabilities

We have a flexible delivery time, can cooperate with customers to deliver quickly, and help customers win market opportunities. 

4.Preferential multi-layer board price

The price of our multilayer board is very competitive. So how do we produce low-cost and high-quality multilayer boards?
A. First-class circuit board full-process production equipment, many of which are imported equipment. There is no need to send out, the production straight-through rate is high, the scrap rate is low, and of course the production cost is lower.
B. A stable and reliable procurement system. We obtain lower raw material prices through mass production and mass procurement.
C. RCY is striving to become the most professional multi-layer board manufacturer in China. In order to realize the advantages of scale, it must maximize the profit to the customers.

5.Rich industry experience

There are more than 2,000 customers working with us. Our PCBs are widely used in 
consumer electronics, power supplies, security, communication equipment, smart wearable equipment, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields.RCY is deeply trusted by customers and has won the title of excellent supplier and zero-defect supplier many times.automotive electronics, industrial control electronics, 
The reason for our achievement is that we have more than 500 highly qualified employees, including more than 90 technicians with more than 10 years of PCB industry experience. There are as many as 40 process and engineer teams, and the best of them have obtained dozens of invention patents! Our strong technical team can provide customers with professional consultation and assist them in formulating the best solutions.
RenChuangYi (RCY) is definitely your trusted partner!
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